• Apr 12, 2016
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Laundry Room Refresh

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The laundry room is where everything goes to get clean, crisp and fresh—but does your laundry room itself live up to the task? You might pop in and out of this room multiple times a day, but have you really looked around? Chances are, your laundry room could use a makeover. Here are 5 steps to freshen up your laundry room:

April_BlogVelvet Palette + Cameras and Chaos

Step One: Pull everything out of the room and weed out all but the absolute essentials. Clutter only leads to mental chaos. Limit the room to laundry supplies only.

Step Two: Apply a fresh coat of paint. You’ll immediately feel better about the space. Choose a light and airy color to make everything feel clean. A fresh mint, buttercup yellow, or even stark white are always calming and spa-like.

Step Three: Consider installing upper cabinets above your washer and dryer so that you can tuck supplies out of sight. If that’s not in your budget, invest in some large, coordinating baskets and place them on any existing shelving or even on the floor. Arrange all the cleaning supplies inside and label the baskets accordingly.

Step Four: Invest in a wall-mount for the ironing board and iron. Don’t sandwich it between your washer and dryer, or lean it against a wall.

Step Five: Add one element that makes you happy. Whether it be a chandelier, a photo of your family, or just a pretty print of the beach, it will help make the task of laundry just a touch more enjoyable.

Just because a room is highly functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be very attractive. Laundry never looked so good!

April Force Pardoe is an independent interior designer and owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors - a residential interior design company in Howard County, Maryland. To view April's beautiful design work or browse the blog, visit her website at www.afpinteriors.com.


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