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Hardwood floors near stairs

Hardwood Floors in Fremont, CA

If you’re searching for new hardwood floors in Alameda County, your search ends at our local flooring store. Distinctive and dependable hardwood flooring adds value to your space and will grace your home for years if chosen carefully.


At Signature Carpet One Floor & Home in Fremont, CA, we’re the best hardwood flooring source near you. Our onsite flooring experts are the best in the class, and we believe everyone has the right to love their floors from the floor up!


Choosing the Best Hardwood Floor

Were you looking for your smartest match?


“Hardness levels” seem redundant while shopping these floors, but not all products are alike. The Janka hardness scale is a handy tool for measuring the durability of each respective hardwood type. A higher Janka rating means your floor is more likely to resist dents, scratches, and other signs of premature wear.


Best Species of Hardwood

Your hardwood flooring options are as diverse as the world’s forests!


Hardwood floors are crafted from both domestic and exotic wood species. Each hardwood type is unique, offering varying levels of hardness, grain patterns, and textures.


Among the wood species we offer are:


Styling Your Hardwood Floor

Choosing a hardwood species is only the beginning!


Hardwood flooring is also distinguished by finishes, plank length, plank width, colors, gloss levels, and special effects.  Weathered, rustic finishes are preferred for vintage-inspired looks, while sleek, high-gloss planks lend a clean, modern appearance.


What is Engineered Hardwood?

Solid and engineered hardwood flooring appears the same at a glance, but these two distinct product families are quite different in terms of construction and function.



Can Hardwood Flooring Handle Humidity?

Pay attention: even engineered hardwood floors are affected by humidity.  


Natural woods will inherently swell or expand when there’s added humidity in the air. This means it’s strongly advised to pay attention to the interior climate of your home.


Maintaining consistent climate control is key to preserving your new hardwood floor. This need not be complicated and can be accomplished using humidifiers and dehumidifiers to prevent cracking from dry weather or warping from heavy humidity.  

We also recommend keeping your air conditioner running in the summertime, and your heat level consistent when the temperature drops outdoors.


Where Can I Install Hardwood Floors?

Avoid hardwood flooring in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other spaces where humidity is a constant concern.  

The good news is that one can install hardwood floors nearly anywhere else, including:


Planning a hardwood flooring installation? Professional installation is always recommended to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. You can count on our hardwood experts to guide you throughout the process.


Professional flooring installers are trained according to the latest techniques and industry standards. That includes proper prep of your subfloor, as well as advice on future cleaning schedules and other regular maintenance.


Shop Hardwood Floors Near You – Signature Carpet One Floor & Home

We’re proud to be your locally owned flooring store, offering the best hardwood flooring in the region. As members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s leading flooring cooperative, our inventory is expansive, our pricing competitive, and our customer service is always focused on YOU. You’ll love our exclusive hardwood warranties, ensuring that your floor will stay beautiful, no matter what tomorrow might bring.


Want to learn more about our latest hardwood flooring options or speak with one of our flooring specialists?


Please visit us soon at 39065 Fremont Hub in Fremont, CA, or check out our online hardwood selections right now!

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